Vidalista 40 mg: 100{079fd2fe1626faeb1e3670dea717543ddea89cef1bb4f8c458ad28a4bbbf9fde} FDA verified pills (with fast shipping)

Vidalista is a medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction in males. This is also known as impotence in layman term. It is one of the most prevalent issues amongst males from different age groups. The youth has also suffered the consequences of the dysfunction. Not only has the youth suffered but many couples have encountered unpleasant experiences due to impotency. 

This issue remains one of the prime reasons of lowered self-esteem and confidence amongst the male’s group. This might also be triggered due to anxiety and stress related issues. Neurological problems might also trigger impotency at times. Lifestyles and unhealthy way of existing are other reasons to be blamed. This Vidalista 40 works by improving the blood flow around the genitals and the penis allowing sufficient erection for the intercourse. This medicine can be a boon to so many men with sex related problems. 

How to take the medicine?

The Vidalista 40mg must be taken well within 45 minutes to an hour before the sexual activity happens. It is only meant to treat erectile dysfunction and not meant for any form of prevention activities.

A very important condition for the medicine to work is sexual stimulation. Without any sexual arousal the medicine is not bound to work. For initiating the working of the medicine arousal is required.

Storage related instructions

It is preferable for the medicines shelf life to store it in a cool and dark place to avoid chemical altercations. Keep it away from sunlight or any externalities such as moisture and other contaminants. The can undergo chemical reactions if kept under non-favorable conditions. 

The Vidalista must be kept away from children and pets to avoid any kind of dangerous medical situation from happening.


This medicine is readily available in the shops locally. It can also be found in varying measure of dosage on the online and offline stores. These medicines are generic in nature; hence availability of such medicines is never an issue.

Side effects

Some of the most occurred side effects of the medicine are:

Nauseated feeling


bleeding from the nose


flushing of the skin

There might also be some rare side effects visible with patients of underlying conditions or in case of an overdosage:

pain in the chest

pain in the muscles or back

vision impairment (it might lead to some blurriness in the vision making it quite difficult to see things clearly)

priapism (painful elongated period of erection which might be uncomfortable)

breathing difficulty (breathlessness might occur)

Stroke (people with already underlying heart conditions may witness these effects in severe cases of overdosage or side effects)

Hearing loss (in extreme cases slight ringing in the ears or deafness may be seen)


It is always suggested that two or more medicines with the same salt and active ingredient must not be taken. It is always recommendable to consult your doctor regarding the already running medicines to get an overview of what you can or cannot consume while on medication. 

Alcohol consumption must be strictly avoided. The medicine tends to not work well with alcoholic content inside your body as it interferes with the medicine’s working principle. It might also make you dizzy as it tampers with your blood pressure lowering the effect of the medication.

Patients with already prevailing allergies or medication must first inform the doctor before continuing with the medication.

Patient must ensure avoiding operating heavy machinery as the medicine might sometimes give a feeling of light-headedness and might make the person feel dizzy.

Keep the medicines out of children’s reach. It must also be kept out of pet’s reach. The medicine may induce side effects to the recipient’s (children) body.

Medicines to not use while taking Vidalista

Any form of alpha inhibitors with Vidalista must be strictly avoided. If the patient is already under the medication of any other medicine for the same category the patient must avoid its consumption for a minimum of 48 hours.

If the patient has an already pre-existing condition such as any heart related issues or neurological conditions, it is advisable for the patient to first consult the doctor before proceeding with the medication.