Surprising Habits That Might Be Damaging Your Oral Health

Oral health is one of the most important things we have. Once we lose our adult teeth due to neglectful habits, they can only be replaced with expensive, alternative impact options such as all on four. We should instead be taking all the necessary steps to maintain our oral health and prevent any future problems from developing.  There are some daily habits that many of us engage in without even thinking about them. Unfortunately, this lack of thought can lead to the slow decline of our oral health. When it’s too late, some of the changes can be irreversible. Instead, it is important to be aware of the surprising habits that might be damaging your teeth and take actionable steps to stop these from happening. Take a look at the following habits:

Chewing on ice cubes

We have all chewed on an ice cube at some point in our lives. Whether we are trying to stay cool when our beverages are empty and ice cubes are left, or if you are someone who enjoys the habit of eating ice cubes full stop, they can be dangerous for our enamel. Ice cubes are made up of crystals, and these crystals when forced against can be extremely hard, and ultimately lead to abrasion and chips on our enamel. Stop chewing on ice cubes to avoid the breakdown of your enamel. A seemingly harmless habit, but it could be the reason why you require a tooth replacement!

Sleep teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is another habit that can be damaging to our oral health. A lot of people who grind their teeth often don’t know about it until their dentist tells them, as there are telltale signs that the teeth have been experiencing abrasion. Visit your dentist to find out if you have been engaging in teeth bridging during your sleep. They should be able to offer a mouth guard that is designed to stop the grinding, and slowly break you out of the habit.

Eating refined sugars

Sugar is also bad for our teeth, yet most of the foods we eat today contain a large amount of refined sugars. Sugar when consumed in large amounts is known to lead to tooth decay, which as a result, requires the natural enamel to be removed leaving an exposed gap. When possible you should avoid eating excessive amounts of refined sugars, and stick to natural ones that can be found in fruits and vegetables. Crunchy fruits and vegetables are also good for keeping our teeth strong and healthy, so make sure they are included in your diet.

Brushing teeth too hard

Brushing your teeth too hard may also be damaging your oral health. A lot of people experience bleeding gum as a risk of this which often leads to the assumption of gum disease. You should speak with your dentist to make sure this is not the case, however, you should also take it easy when brushing your teeth. Consider using a soft-bristled brush if you are struggling to be gentler when brushing your teeth. Also, pair this with mouthwash and floss just to remove any leftover food particles.

Bottom line

Oral health is one of the most important aspects of our overall health. We must keep in mind the unsuspecting habits that might be damaging our teeth, and take action to stop these issues from developing. Consider speaking to your dentist in Solihull if you would like more clarification as to other habits that might be bad for your oral health.